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Hi, My name is Mike Jenkins and I am from New York. I used to be a skinny little wimp of a guy. I hated my body and I felt so pathetic. I tried many different courses and diets on how to increase weight that led nowhere before I finally came across this one and I haven’t looked back. My life has completely changed, I now feel confident and look good. I talk to women with confidence and things are good all round really.

Mike Jenkins of How to increase weight

I created this blog because I want to tell people how I changed from a skinny little weakling with low self esteem into a confident, strong and muscle bound hunk of a man…lol. I am so proud of myself I want everyone to see.

So if you are not happy with your body or feel you need to increase weight then you should really read my blog and ultimately purchase the same course that I did because it’s awesome! It has change my life.
So have a browse through this blog and see what I’m talking about.


Discovering Jason Ferruggia and his Muscle Gaining Secrets has been the number one reason why I have gained the awesome strength I have now, learned how to gain weight and enhanced the appearance of my body.  As I said I spent years trying to get big and strong, but never really knew how to make long-term gains and build the kind of serious strength that I had coveted.  All the other methods were bound to fail and I only know that now after what I have learned from Jason.

Girl who learned how to increase weight
Body Building Babe

One of the greatest benefits of training with Ferruggia’s programs is that I have never experienced a single injury like I did while training with the outdated training methods used by the majority of gym goers.

I always am excited when driving to the gym because I believe in Jason Ferruggia and know that I learned how to increase weight training under him. If you are serious about finally making real improvements in the way you look and feel, do yourself a favor and check out Muscle Gaining Secrets.

I highly recommend it as the best way to achieve success if you need to learn how to increase weight , body strength and body mass. It also teaches and shows how to lose the fat and replace it with muscle. You’ll see, just have a good read of this blog and purchase Jason’s book and you will get there.

This is why I have created this blog as I am a true success story and I now have learned enough to share my knowledge and help others to learn how to increase weight too.



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