Super Multi-Pack Deal (How To Increase Weight & Build Muscle Ebook Collection)

ATTENTION# If you have signed up for the free ebook, please check your email as it was sent to your email address. In the meantime check out this incredible offer I have for you today because this offer is here for a limited time only as a special bargain!….(If you’re on a limited budget then this offer is the one for you)

The Gain Weight & Build Muscle Multi-Package Deal

This Super Pack of weight gain and bodybuilding ebooks has everything you need on how to increase weight and build big rock hard muscles.

This special deal is a collection of six awesome ebooks covering the whole spectrum of weight gaining secrets and known methods.

body builder how to increase weightThere is something for everyone in this pack – whether you intend to build up your body so it becomes a mean powerhouse of rock solid muscle – or tune it up so it becomes a perfectly proportioned, sexy and stunningly attractive – right to those who have been recovering from an illness and just need to get back to their ideal weight. And if you have a tendency to get chubby whilst trying to build muscle…there is something in here for you too. So it literally covers it all. You just need to work out which bits apply to you and take action on it. ie:  follow the plans and guides

These books have all been written by professionals who know what they’re talking about so if you truly are looking to increase your weight and build some muscle and you don’t want to spend a fortune on all the over-priced muscle building products you see all over the internet then you’ve hit the nail on the head because you can easily achieve your weight gaining goals with this package for a fraction of the cost. I have especially made this cheap as to be affordable for everyone.

I have explored hundreds of different products on the net and talked to dozens of weight trainers and professional nutritionists about the right sort of programs and information needed to achieve these results and I have carefully chosen these 6 products because of how specific they are to the main intention here and that is to increase weight & build muscle! All of these books have been reviewed by a professional bodybuilder and nutritionist and been given the thumbs up for accuracy and value. The information contained in these books as a collective literally leave nothing out whatsoever!

So this is what you get:

1/ Body Building Training (Body Building Techniques 26 page ebook) value $16-00

2/ Body Building Naturally (32 page ebook) value $27-00

3/ Body Sculpture (202 page ebook) value $37-00

4/ Gaining Weight (Gaining Weight 101- 35 page ebook) value $17-00

5/ How To Gain Weight (18 page ebook) value $17-00

6/ Mass Muscle (25 page ebook) value $27-00

That adds up to $141-00 worth and that’s cheap. I’ve seen these books selling for much more than this at other bodybuilding websites over the net.

But I’m not going to charge that…no where near it….keep reading and you will see I have made this special package affordable for everyone….I have reduced the price to a ridiculous small amount PLUS I’ve thrown in the PLR license as a further bonus! That means you can resell these books for their recommended prices.

I want to give you a great deal here because I want you to be completely happy with this deal. I want you to be satisfied. I know how expensive it can be to increase weight especially in these tough economical times it is hard to make ends meet let alone paying for extra materials and weight training programs that frankly are just way too expensive.

With these ebooks you will finally be able to achieve your goals for gaining weight and building muscle without the expensive price tag. Everything you would learn from those expensive programs you can learn from these manuals and more. Honestly everything you need is in here. From conversion and calorie charts to the right types of diets, foods, training methods, exercises, and training regimes for your particular goal. If there is something you need to know it will be in here. Remember I have especially chosen these because of how apt they are for gaining weight. They are all excellent on their own let alone a pack… The price I am offering today for all of these manuals combined is actually less than the price for only one of them on its own.

If you can’t increase weight and build up those muscles after applying the methods in these manuals then you may as well face the fact you will be a lightweight forever. If you do what they say, you will bulk up and that’s a fact!

So buy this pack and apply the techniques and watch yourself as you turn into a bigger, stronger heavier and more powerful person. Take me up on this incredibly cheap offer before I change my mind. I urge you to take control. buy this pack of bodybuilding tools and make the change you know you need to do. It will change your whole life!

Here’s a bit about each of the ebooks you are getting.

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods – Each ebook in this collection will show you different methods to increase weight and build body mass covering the entire spectrum. With the right mind set and a determined will you now have the right tools at your disposal to see incredible results quickly.

First there is “How To Gain Weight” which covers all of these topics:

How To Gain Weight Cover How to increase weightCan’t Gain Weight
How to Gain Weight for Men
How to Gain Weight Faster
How Can I Gain Weight?
Gain Weight Supplements
Gain Weight Shakes
Gain Weight Protein
Gain Weight Program
Gain Weight Pills
Gain Weight Healthy
Gain Weight for Women
Gain Weight Foods
Gain Weight Diets
Gain Weight Fast
Gain Weight and Muscle

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods. We have seen incredible transformations of guys and girls who  used some of the methods and techniques in these guides that totally blew our minds. With the right mind set you can use these tools to achieve amazing transformations.

Next there is “Bodybuilding Training” A complete set of body building techniques that target every muscle in your body. The topics in this ebook cover the following:

Body-Building-Techniques - How To Increase WeightPrinciples of Bodybuilding
Major Reasons Why Bodybuilders Fail to Meet Their Goals
Diet and Exercise Work in Tandem for Body Building
Ten Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Bodybuilding Progress
Bodybuilding for Beginners
Bodybuilding Diet to go with your Bodybuilding Exercises
Good Bodybuilding Habits Mean Successful Bodybuilding
Exercise Help for Body Building
Bodybuilding Requires Fat in your Body
Aerobic Exercise as part of Bodybuilding
6 of the Best Muscle Building Tips
Bodybuilding Routines for Specific Body Parts
Bodybuilding the Natural Way
Why Everyone should Build some Muscle
Common Bodybuilding Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them
Choosing a Bodybuilding Trainer
Keys to a Successful Bodybuilding Session
Building Muscles the Fast Way!
How to Gain Muscle Mass
Finding a Bodybuilding Routine That Makes a Difference
The Best Body Building Supplement: Natural Protein
Barbell Squat in your Bodybuilding Routine

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods. If you are thin and underweight, then this package is exactly what you need to guide you through the transformation from skinny weakling to muscle bound hunk!

Then there is “Gaining Weight 101” This is pure gold. The blueprint for gaining weight. This concisive manual contains the following:

gainingweight cover how to increase weightChapter 1 – Being a Skinny Guy in a Fat World
Chapter 2 – Why Women are Attracted to Big Muscles

Chapter 3 – How Being too Skinny Damages your Health

Chapter 4 – Basic Weight Gain Theory

Chapter 5 – How Muscles are Built
Chapter 6 – Work Smarter not Harder
Chapter 7 –Working Out too much Sabotages your Efforts

Chapter 8 – The Workout Plan

– Workout 1
– Workout 2
– Workout 3
– Workout 4

Chapter 9 – Why your Rest Days are Vital
Chapter 10 – Do you need Supplements?
Chapter 11 – The Eating Plan: Phase One—Bulk Up
Chapter 12 – The Eating Plan: Phase Two—Final Cut Phase
Chapter 13 – The Mindset—Thoughts Determine Results
Chapter 14 – Conclusion
Chapter 15 – Resources

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods. Achieving massive results using these guides is totally realistic goal. With the heart of determination and dedicated self discipline you will become a muscle bound mega god to the opposite sex.

Next there is “Bodybuilding Naturally” This awesome ebook covers everything you need to increase weight in a natural way. The List of Chapters are as follows:

Body Building Naturally - How To Increase WeightIntroduction
A very brief history of bodybuilding
Clouds on the horizon
Natural bodybuilding fights back
The human frame and how it relates to bodybuilding
Three body types
Where do ‘hardgainers’ fit into this picture?
‘How will I look?’
What does all this mean to you?
Lifestyle considerations
Stress and bodybuilding
Balance, exercise and banishing harmful habits
Diet and nutrition for maximum bodybuilding success
Bodybuilding nutrition basics
Weight training for bodybuilding

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods. No matter what your specific goal is for increasing weight, you will find the tools needed to achieve your particular target amongst this awesome collection. I have made sure to provide for all of the different objectives set in the survey that is at the top of the homepage of this site. You have probably filled it out already? What ever answer you chose. You will find the know-how amongst these ebooks. And I’ve made it especially affordable for you as well.

The next one in the pack is “Mass Muscle” This one is for seriously packing on the big muscles. In this hardgainer manual you will discover vital muscle building information from the following table of contents:

Mass Muscle - How To increase WeightMASS MUSCLE

Become bigger, stronger and more attractive with these amazing proven methods – The tools that the combination of these ebooks gives you make this goal totally achievable! Be the heart throb you think you should be. Impressive results are quite achievable with the right tools at your disposal. And guess what? They are at your disposal.

And last but certainly not least there is “Body Sculpture” This massive ebook is the prize of the bunch. With 166 information rich pages, this will teach you everything there is to know about sculpting those muscles with topics such as:

•    Busting the Myths of Muscle Sculpting
•    The Link Between Repetitions and Muscle Sculpting
Body Sculpture - How To Increase Weight•    Handling Plateaus
•    Exercise and Muscle Sculpting
•    Diet and Muscle Sculpting
•    Dance and Muscle Sculpting
•    Understanding the Impacts of Steroid Use

Absolutely nothing is left out! Everything this guy learned in order to sculpt his muscles is shared with you in his report and guide!

This is the most comprehensive report on sculpted muscles that you will ever read! This comprehensive special report covers the following topics:

•    How Muscle Sculpting Works
•    The Key Elements of Muscle Sculpting
•    Understanding Muscles
•    Types of Exercise to Build Muscles
•    Menus
•    Adding Variety to your Exercise Routine

•    Busting the Myths of Muscle Sculpting
•    The Link Between Repetitions and Muscle Sculpting
•    Handling Plateaus
•    Exercise and Muscle Sculpting
•    Diet and Muscle Sculpting
•    Dance and Muscle Sculpting
•    Understanding the Impacts of Steroid Use
•    How Muscle Sculpting Works
•    The Key Elements of Muscle Sculpting
•    Understanding Muscles
•    Types of Exercise to Build Muscles
•    Menus
•    Adding Variety to your Exercise Routine

So how much am I going to charge for all these muscle building and weight gaining guides and ebooks? What do you think they are worth? I’ve already told you how much these are selling for around the net at other sites. And I’ve also told you I won’t be charging anything like that. And that’s true. So how does $19-00 sound?

That’s right! Only $19-00 and you get the whole lot. That’s a saving of $122-00!

#UPDATE…I’ve just lowered the price again… Because I really want to over deliver here and really give you guys a good deal. I truly want to be able to help you with gaining weight. So I am going to make it even easier…how does $9-95 sound?

That’s as low as I can go…For a limited time, I’m going to make it just $9.95. I am cutting myself short here but if it enables some of you to be able to afford it at this ridiculously low price then it’s worth it. Under ten bucks for all of these combine…I must be bonkers!…that’s just ridiculously cheap.

But only for a limited time..I can’t sustain this low price for too long. I will be putting it back up to $19-00 soon as that is a more than fair price.

So get in now at this stupidly low price while you can. Grab yourself this awesome multi-pack now while this price lasts.

Click the link below or the Clickbank button to make your order.


Was only $19-00 Now just $9-95 for a limited time.

Clickbank button_2_medium-How to increase weight

Making a payment through Clickbank is easy and secure. Clickbank is a trusted e-commerce merchant with an impeccable record and trusted reputation. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you are entitled to a full refund which Clickbank will manage without question. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. All major credit cards are accepted. After you click the buy now button you will be automatically transferred to a secure order page where your credit card will be charged the one time low price of $9.95. You will then be automatically transferred to the thank you page where you will be able to download your ebook package.  The ebooks file is bundled together in a zip file. Just double click the zip file after you have downloaded it to your computer and it will open automatically exposing the six different ebooks (PDF files). Thank you for your patronage and I am sure you will be very pleased with your new ebook package.

Ebooks or Electronic Books are the new way for buying, selling and reading books. Everybody uses ebooks . Children at school are learning from ebooks these days and soon there wont even be normal paper books anymore. This is the way of the future for better or for worse ebooks are quickly becoming the leading way for communicating in a book form. To open an ebook and read it on your computer you must have adobe reader or a similar software. ebooks are usually in PDF file which is viewable with both PC and MAC. All the ebooks in this package are PDF files. You can download adobe reader for free. Many other software can read PDF files also. You can also buy special ebook readers called kindles or other names that are portable and easy to use sitting on your lap. They can hold thousands of ebooks at a time making it possible for you to carry a whole library around with you on the go.


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